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Short story - There was a guy who started using iPhone and couldn't use any other phone, ever again. Why did that happen huh? Maybe because it worked. iPhone worked.

iPhone is designed beautiful, inside and outside. CaseDodo products take care of the outside. We make cases which protects while preserving the beauty of the device. Every inch of the device is carefully designed and crafted to perfection. And that is why your device deserves a case which is designed and crafted to perfection.

Yeah, these cases are thin and all - but why should you ditch your existing iPhone case for it huh? Here's why:

1. You won't feel the plastic joint marks - Most, almost all plastic products or cases have a joint mark mostly at the centermost location of the item. You might not have noticed it yet, but it is irritating. So don't make peace with mediocrity, go with the best, us. CaseDodo cases are crafted with so much perfection, there are literally no joint marks. Crazy huh?

2. Precise af cuts - Even the tiniest hole in the speaker grill cutout is precise af. You just have to snap your iPhone in, and you fall in love your iPhone, all over again.

3. The finish - iPhone is made up with a glossy aluminum finish which makes it easy to slip out of hands, wallets, and bags. All our cases are matted up so enhance grip on the phone will not only save your iPhone, but you nose while you lay and text.

4. The Camera Protection - People felt bad when the protruding camera lenses got scratched while putting on the table or sliding in and out of the pocket. That was a legit problem. Someone came out with a nib you can add to the camera lens to protect it. There was only one problem - it was super-ugly. What we did was, we added a subtle, very subtle but effective, very effective lip to the camera cutout in our cases, and that's how we saved your iPhone from scratches and from being ugly, at the same time, AGAIN.

5. Third party docks and stands - We've already told you how these cases are precisely manufactured and blah. So yeah they make it perfectly accessible to third party docks and stands. There aren't many cases which can do this. Another reason to love CaseDodo.

6. We'll think of the sixth one, though. You stay tuned. *wink*

Now, why would you guys go with any other case but CaseDodo's? Ah, maybe because you don't like good quality products. Nah, but that's not the thing - you bought an iPhone. And bwoy, iPhone's gooood!!

So you love us? But you don't tell us that! *sadface* Tell us what is it that you love about us in the comment section below along with your email address and we will have something exciting coming up to you right in your inbox!

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26 de dez. de 2019

Your cases are Perfection. I’m a phone case lover but there aren’t many options for good iPhone cases in India. I’m glad you guys exist. My cousin recently gifted me 5 of your cases. The colours, the finish, the feel, everything is AMAZING. 😍

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