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Lifestyle products are not the ones that are overpriced; they are the ones that work!

Think of a Tee; it’s simple to wear, to wash, and to take care of. If it wears out, buy a new one – maybe the same color or a different one. Dead simple. That’s how CaseDodo products work.

Cases designed to blend with your iPhone perfectly and make it look gorgeous. They do what an ugly case could do and still keep a beautiful iPhone device beautiful.

While these cases are usually priced at $20 to $35, we have priced them at a subtle $10-$13 range? Why would we do that, don’t we love profits? Well, we do love profits, but we love the product more. We are always working on adding inspiration to our catalog. Upgrading the products and adding new ones. So you get the perfect tee for your iPhone.

The perfect case for iPhone, which doesn’t breaks the bank.


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