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We recently discovered a big issue over Quora, a leading Q&A platform worldwide. It said, “I am always confused as to what to do. Should I use my iPhone 6 naked? Without a case, the iPhone feels so luxurious in my hand. But I am always worried about dropping it because it is slippery, too.”

Chuck Rogers, a former Apple Consultant, employee, and a fan; who is also an iPhone owner answered it in a splendid way. He said, “Whether or not to use a case is ultimately a decision only you can make. You are going to get answers from people who use cases, and those who do not, each telling you why they made their choice.

Fortunately, there is a real simple way to get your answer. I am going to present to you two scenarios. Your answer to each of these will help make your decision:

1). You are standing in a gravel parking lot. You pull the phone out of your pocket to make a call, and it slips out of your hand. You pick it up and the case is dented and has a lot of scratches on it, but the phone still works. Do you wish had a case?

2). Same situation, but this time you try to catch the phone as it is dropping and end up flinging it away from you accidentally. It lands face down on a rock and shatters the screen. Do you wish you had a case and a screen protector?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, get a case.

I’ll tell you one other story, and this happened. My wife has an iPhone 6s Plus, and my daughter-in-law has an iPhone 6. Within the last month, both dropped their phones in a toilet. My wife’s phone was in a case. We immediately put the phone in a bowl of rice overnight. It still works. We did the same thing with my daughter-in-law’s phone (which was not in a case), and it would not boot up. My daughter-in-law now has a new phone, in a case.

That “luxurious feel in your hand” is wonderful, but are you willing to pay for a new phone to have it?”

Buy a case; that’s something you should do. But at the cost of ruining your iPhone’s beauty? So what could be the answer which gives you the best of both worlds?

It’s us. CaseDodo. Super-Thin cases for iPhone, at just 0.35 mm. iPhone case that weighs just 2 grams, it is barely noticeable while providing scratch and light bump protection.

While we make cases, we also make protective shields for the screen that provides Edge-to-Edge screen protection without interfering with any functionality and is completely compatible with our Super-Thin cases. We’ve got your phone's back, (and front).

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